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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Jack Ames Personally Endorses Ron Paul

I received this personal endorsement of Ron Paul from Jack Ames of Defend Life, Inc. and include it in its entirety below:

"Several years ago, I asked Howard Phillips, a founder of Young Americans for Freedom and a Presidential candidate in 1996 and 2000, who on Capitol Hill best represented constitutional values in both the Senate and the Congress. Without hesitation, he said Congressman Ron Paul!

"I was privileged to interview Ron Paul after the Morgan State debate on September 28. I could not have been more impressed. Ron Paul says the FOUNDING FATHERS had it RIGHT and AMERICA must get back to that system of limited government and individual rights which they brilliantly wrote into the DECLARATION and the CONSTITUTION.

"I am 66 years old and have been following presidential campaigns closely since my college days back in 1960 when Jack Kennedy defeated Richard Nixon by a whisker. I was extremely active in the 1964 Goldwater campaign as well as Ronald Reagan's campaigns for president in 1968, 1980, and 1984.

"In all my years, I have never seen a grass roots campaign that cuts across traditional party lines like Ron Paul's 2008 campaign for President!!!

"There were easily 3000 persons at the Ron Paul rally at Independence Mall in Philadelphia, November 10. This rally was completely ignored by the establishment-controlled media.

"Amazingly, at least 75% of those in attendance were under 30 years of age. I talked to college students from numerous campuses such as Penn State and Shippensburg State. I talked to high school students who came all the way from the Boston area! Without exception, these young persons see how BIG GOVERNMENT and the NANNY STATE have failed miserably and are bankrupting our country financially and morally.

"One friend who works full time in the PRO-LIFE movement said he loves Ron Paul's idea to eliminate the FEDERAL INCOME TAX. He said the extra $50 a week he would take home would help him to pay off his college debts much more rapidly. How fitting that this rally was held in the shadow of Independence Hall where our FOUNDING FATHERS declared their independence from British tyranny in 1776.

"One student held a sign that said it all: LEGALIZE FREEDOM! I was reminded of what Ben Franklin said when leaving the CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION in 1787. A person asked him what type of government have you given us? Franklin replied, YOU HAVE A REPUBLIC, IF YOU CAN KEEP IT!

"The RON PAUL REVOLUTION may be our last best chance to hang onto what our brilliant FOUNDING FATHERS gave us. We must make the most of this wonderful opportunity remembering that WITH GOD, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!

"Jack Ames, Towson, MD"

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